Archery Instructor Training & Certification

A Safe, Successful Archery Program Starts with Trained and Certified Archery Instructors

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Online Training Courses

$69 per person. Certification by Archery Education Resources. Certification valid for three years.

Archery Class Instructor

Camp Archery Instructor

Which class should I take?

The Class Instructor and Camp Instructor courses are 90% identical. They both cover Safety, Equipment, Range Layout, The Shot Sequence, Running an Archery Class, and Helping Archers Progress.

The difference is that the Camp Instructor Course assumes that you will have a maximum of seven session with your archers and that the emphasis will be on safely having fun with archery. The Class Instructor course assumes that you will have ongoing contact with your archers and will be able to engage in an archer-led progression from beginner to intermediate level.


$30 Certification from Archery Education Resources. Valid for three years. Includes Instructor Training Manual and access to the full online course.

Re-certification Class Instructor

Re-certification Camp Archery Instructor

Train the Whole Team!

30% discount when ordering five or more class seats.

Advantages of the OnLine Training

  • All the people in your group don’t have to find a common time to get together for a training.
  • You don’t need to arrange for a training site with a safe shooting space.
  • Trainees do not accrue travel (lodging, food) expenses.
  • If someone misses a Face-to-Face training, they can get trained on line and don’t have to “wait until next year.”
  • There is no rush as only the exam has a time limit. Each trainee can take all the time they need to digest the material.
  • The training videos can be viewed over and over. The written materials can be read over and over.
  • Each Video Module has practice questions to help prepare for the exam.
  • The test gives immediate feedback (pass/fail) and additional testing opportunities are available.

Requirements for the Online Training

You will need:
Internet access that allows you to download and watch videos and Adobe Reader (free) or Adobe Acrobat (or any other program that allows you to read PDF files).

Choose between Online and Seminar Training