More on Coaching Archery by Steve Ruis


Following his book, Coaching Archery, Steve Ruis, Editor of Archery Focus magazine, continues on how to coach archery. The book Coaching Archery served beginning-to-intermediate coaches, and now More on Coaching Archery addresses the full range of coaching levels.

Topics include: basic biomechanical aspects affecting the shot, the relationship of stance to being able to aim, where form flaws come from and how to avoid them, how to address students’ equipment problems, how to estimate an archer’s chances of winning, how to prepare to perform, how students’ personalities determine how they learn and how you should treat them, the role of emotion in shooting consistently, how to help students deal with target panic, and even how to find arrows in the grass . . . and much more.

If you are an archery coach and want to become a better one, this book is for you.