Even More on Coaching Archery by Steve Ruis


In this sequel to More on Coaching Archery Coach Steve Ruis addresses a full range of coaching levels and subjects, supplying tools and new perspectives for archery coaches of all levels. Archery Focus magazine Editor Steve Ruis’s first coaching book, Coaching Archery focussed on serving beginning-to-intermediate coaches and is the best selling archery coaching book available. Topics include: how to teach using a release aid the right way, why it is imperative to shoot “in the now,” how to deal with archers of different personality types, how to establish when an archer is relaxed and balanced, what to look for when observing archers, how to practice effectively, how compound bows mislead beginners, a step-by-step examination of the B.E.S.T./NTS shooting technique, how to use high speed video, what’s wrong with competitive age categories in youth archery, . . . and much more. More than half of the chapters in this book have never been published in any form. If you are an archery coach and want to become a better one, this book is for you.