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On-line Courses

Hosting or attending a Training Seminar and expecting all of your archery staff to be available at the same time may not be a practical option for your program. AER’s Online Courses provide the training & certification you need, affordably and on your schedule. These self-paced courses can be completed on any device with an Internet connection.

Archery Class Instructor

Camp Archery Instructor

Both Archery Class Instructor and Camp Archery Instructor cover the same Safety, Equipment, Range Layout, and Shooting Skills information. The difference is that the Archery Class Instructor course assumes an on-going class, taking students from beginner to the intermediate level and the Camp Archery Instructor course provides curricula and activities specific to a camp program.

$69 per person, Certification good for three years.


Train your entire team!
You will receive at 30% discount for online courses when you register five or more trainees.
Plus, that discount will apply to any further registrations.



On-Site Training & Certification Seminars

Train & Certify your staff with an AER Training Seminar at your location.

Available Courses:
   Archery Camp Instructor
   Archery Class Instructor
   Archery Program Manager
   Archery Program Safety Certification
   Archery Equipment Technician
   AER Seminar Leader

Please contact us for a quote. Prices depend on location, number of participants, and customized content, starting at $125 per person with a minimum of ten preregistered attendees.